The Who

Hey friend, I’m Jas, the designated “people person.” Yes, Jules told me to write that, but she’s not entirely wrong. The most accurate statement someone could say about me, is that I strive to make everything around me beautiful. And that starts with how I interact with people every single day. I think kindness is more important than anything. 


I am a mama to a 3 year old little girl who is convinced her name is Ly Bear, and my super rad 5 year old, Everett. They are both convinced that I am the real Princess Jasmine. I am not here to crush dreams.


I’ve been with my husband Alex since we were 17 years old, and we are figuring this whole adulting thing out together. It's been a wild, beautiful journey, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Fun fact: lemon is my weakness. Seriously, bring me lemon anything, and we're instant soulmates.


The Who

I'm Jules. Truth be told, I am not a "people person." Now don't get me wrong, I love people(ish). But I don't connect through words and conversation so easily like my partner in crime does. I connect with people through sarcasm, relatable memes, and the occasional  inappropriate GIF. 


Jas and I, we're kind of the opposite. But here's where we find middle ground: coffee. SO. MUCH. COFFEE. Okay, we both also really enjoy carbs. We enjoy them while talking about how much we need to cut them out. It's a whole thing.

I am mama to my six year old, Lena. She's prettyyy dang awesome. And I get to raise her with my smoking hot best friend and husband, Tony.

We have spent the last 6 years traveling the globe, and soaking up every last bit of adventure we can get our hands on.

If you want to be friends, bring me tacos + beer. I love that shit.


The Why

So many people think that Motherhood  is my why. I will let you in on a little secret: my why is just the opposite. My why...it's childhood.

Because I was ten when I started raising babies, babies that I didn't bring into this world. Because I was never just a big sister. Because I was somebody's mom even before I was somebody's mom.

Because I was 15 when my world changed in an instant. Because I still cant openly talk about the scars that run so deeply through my soul.

Because I was just 20 when I brought my first child earthside.

Because I want to keep them little and innocent forever. Because I didn't have that choice. 

I want to capture mother's with their babies because I want them to remember how beautiful their childhood was. I want them to have photos of a mother who held them. I want them to have memories of a dad who threw them up in the air so high that they still remember how it felt like they were flying.

Because childhood is beautiful, messy, and unplugged. It's all the things I never had, and it's all the things I want for my children and yours.


The Why

Grief is my why, to put it simply.


Because I was the child of an addict. Because I spent my childhood and young adult life struggling to love myself. Because the day I lost my brother, I broke inside.


Grief is what connects me to adventure; it connects me to storytelling with my camera.


Grief is the reason I want your children to have more than just a photo with you, but a million beautiful memories with you. Because they won’t remember being told to sit still and smile for a photo, but they will remember when you tickled them until their bellies ached from laughing so hard.


I want to take you somewhere beautiful, because I want to give them a place to travel back to someday. Because when they are grown and married, I want them to take their own family to a place where we created memories. Because I want them to say “I remember when…” I want them to feel that beautiful ache of nostalgia that I feel when I hold an old photograph or travel to a place with familiar feelings.

Grief is my why, because connecting with you makes me feel more connected to myself.