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senior reps

about the session

It's no secret here at Jas + Jules that we are all about female empowerment. & that is why we take a different approach to senior photography.

You'll find that most amazing senior photographers will really want to get to the core of all the unique pieces of you that make up your high school journey. From drama club to fast pitch, they will hone in on telling the perfect senior story.

Senior sessions are typically a representation of your past - of everything you've accomplished over the past 3 years. Which is why you typically see letterman jackets, soccer balls and other props to symbolize these milestones.

Truth bomb: we're not all about that life.

At Jas + Jules,. your senior session is your coming of age story. It's the moment your mom or dad looks at a photo of you and gasps, because they can actually see the beautiful woman you are becoming. At Jas + Jules, we touch on your past but we hone in on your future. 

At Jas + Jules, we focus a little less on how many letters made it onto your jacket, and a lot more on your laughter, your sense of adventure, and the fire inside you. There is more to high school than GPAs and college applications. There is more to high school than pep rallies and school dances. Those 3 years are full of beautiful highs and lows, self discovery, new friends, loss of friends, and sometimes even a first heartbreak. And we believe your senior session should represent how all of those things have made you, you.

So join us for a girls day full of adventure, girl talk, coffee, laughter, and maybe a few tears, and let us show you the beauty in your story.

what we expect from you

The relationships we build with our senior girls are founded in friendship. There is a time & place for professionalism, but ultimately, you are our new best friend. (you're welcome. we're awesome).

How crazy is it that girls who were once senior reps, are now having us photograph their weddings, maternity, & even their births!? We choose reps based on who we genuinely click with, because the whole point of this process is to have fun and create some magic together!

Without getting into all the professional jargon, our true expectation from you is just your loyalty. If you can't see yourself naturally being a hype woman on this dream team, then it's not for you girl. But if you cant imagine working with or promoting anyone else, keep readin sis.

what to expect from us

Senior reps have the opportunity to earn their session entirely free or at a huge discount by sending referrals our way, & we offer an amazing payment plan exclusively to our senior reps!

A typical senior session requires the $550 session fee to be paid in full prior to the session. But for our senior reps, we require no payment up front.


We do your session & immediately hook you up with 3 low-resolution images to share & promote on social media. We also provide you with a high-res file of your choice to submit to your yearbook!


We give you the opportunity to break up the cost of your session into 5 smaller, monthly payments. Each time you send a referral our way, we waive a payment!

Each time you make a payment or send a referral, we release more web-use images to you! 


1st payment - $110 | 4 weeks after session

2nd payment - $110 | 8 weeks after session

3rd payment - $110 | 12 weeks after session

4th payment - $110 | 16 weeks after session

5th payment - $110 | 20 weeks after session


Once the final payment is made, the entire high-resolution gallery will be released to you!

What if you send extra referrals our way? Well that's easy, we reward you! Many of our previous senior reps have been given an additional session at the end of the year to show their incredible growth!

"You grow up so fast in high school. It’s not something you wait for, it just kinda happens. One day you’ll look back and be proud of who you’ve become, while at the same time, miss who you were."

convinced this is for you?

fill out the app below

Hey girl hey! We know this questionnaire is a little long, but hang in there with us. 

Please don't answer with what you think we want to hear, we PROMISE there are no right or wrong answers. Above all else, we just want to see your personality shine through! We aren't looking for anything cookie cutter, so show us the real you! All of your answers stay between you and us. That means full confidentially so that you feel like you have the freedom to bare your soul a bit.

& don't worry girl, if we get the chance to work together, we will tell you all about the hooligans we were in high school. 

Much love,

Jas + Jules