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c a p t u r I n g   e v e r y   s t a g e   o f   a   w o m a n ' s   l I f e

Jules approaches the editing process like each image is its own work of art. She hand edits every image, down to the finest details, just like a painting.

Retouching has its positive and negative connotations in today's society, but is is a useful tool that we embrace wholeheartedly. We don't want to give you unrealistic expectations or morph you into something you're not. We want to show you a gallery of beautiful images that display you in your best light.


Before Jules begins retouching, she studies your social media first and retouches based on the photos and selfies that you post. But we always ask if there's anything specific you'd like us to keep in mind.


Before and afters can feel drastic, but a lot of what retouching corrects, has nothing to do with your image, and more to do with variables out of your control. Shadows, makeup, posing, lighting - all of these elements effect the way your skin looks, the way your body looks, and the overall outcome of your images.

We photograph a lot of pregnant mamas, and let's be honest, with pregnancy often times comes puffiness. And if you want to embrace that in all its glory, we back you 100%. But if you want it reduced, we've got you sister. 


Our process is catered to you, personalized to you, and our only goal is making you feel like your most beautiful self.

P.S - The sessions displayed on this page were photographed solely for the purpose of showcasing retouching. We do not share unedited photos of our clients - not even with the client!

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