we've got some work to do girl

capturing every stage of a woman's life

We've spent years + tens of thousands of dollars on trial + error to get to where we are.

We built these mentorships as a way to give other women in this industry the chance to skip that mess.

Now don't get us wrong, there are no shortcuts to success. But if you're willing to put in the work + meet us halfway, the knowledge you take away will give you the tools to take your business to new heights.


Imagine being stuck in the car with us for 2+ hours, with nothing but open road, salty snacks, and the opportunity to pick our brains when no question is off the table.

When we reach our destination, you will see how we shoot, pose + direct a styled session. But first things first, are we going to shotgun a White Claw together or what, girl? 


We will go over settings, use of light, and how we chose to style wardrobe. You will get the opportunity to shoot for your portfolio, ask questions, and get feedback. If you're up for it, we can snap a few headshots for you as well.


This mentorship also includes a short video of Jules editing a few of the images from our session.

This mentorship typically lasts 5+ hours + only one of us is guaranteed (both would be a bonus!)


girls road trip only    850

with an additional 2 hour in-depth sit-down 1050


*book with a friend + you both take $100 off!


This is all-encompassing sit down is tailored to your specific needs. Nothing is off the table, so we encourage you to bring a blanket + veg out with us on our oversized sofa while we go over everything you need to take your business to the next level. Included is tons of coffee, wine, feedback and friendship.

Some things we can help with:

• in-depth portfolio, website + social media review with CC

• finding your niche + style + how to capitalize off the sessions that feed your soul

• wardrobe styling + why it's essential for attracting your ideal client

• studio management software, contracts, invoices, etc

• getting your shit together (yes I'm talking to you girl, the one whose taxes are a mess and you're still booking through personal messages on Facebook)

• social media, marketing, reaching your ideal clients

• keeping your head above water + staying organized with session workflows

• streamlining your scheduling + booking process using a software that manages your schedule for you and/or allows your clients to book directly from your website

• creating beautiful + efficient client galleries that will maximize your upsell potential and increase your average sales

• pricing structures, cost of doing business + running a profitable business that works for you

3 hours.


*add monthly mentorships for $100/month

*book with a friend + you both take $50 off!


This mentorship is designed entirely around your editing level and needs.


Maybe you're having a little trouble achieving the dreamy tones you're seeking, and you need help developing your signature style. Maybe there's a photographer out there who has your dream style, but you have no idea where to start to achieve that look.

We can cover Lightroom basics or more advanced techniques. We can go over creating catalogs, importing, utilizing collections, culling + flagging, presets + how to refine them to your editing style, using graduated + radial filters, playing around with brushes + how they can take your image to the next level. We can cover export settings for web-use and printing, and why the difference matters.

If you are really ready to take your editing to the next level, we can cover Photoshop and retouching, and refining your images with hand edits.

2 hours.