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portrait session

Whether you are on your first babe or fourth, pregnancy is a journey that is always worth documenting. Photos have the power to trigger feelings, memories and emotions. They can help you remember. They are an heirloom for your children to see how much love you felt for them, even before you had ever laid eyes on them.


But we get it. It can be a whole task to convince yourself to take photos at this stage. You are busy growing a little human inside you. It's only natural that the pregnancy glow everyone keeps pointing out feels a lot more like your 12th hot flash of the day. Between the hormonal surges and swollen feet, it can be hard to see how beautiful and strong you look to everyone else.

But I promise you this, mama: When you are twirling in the lovely light in a field of wildflowers, belly exposed and hair to the wind, you will feel nothing short of beautiful, poised, and maybe even a little wild.


From finding the perfect grand location, to styling your wardrobe, we handle all of the little details for your session. Your job is show up, live in your truth, and allow us to show you the beauty that exists in each imperfect moment.

Whether your motherhood journey is just beginning, or you are right in the thick of it, we want to be a part of telling your beautiful and authentic story. When you go through the images from your session, we want you to feel the love, depth, and struggle that tell the story of your current season of life. 

We photography our maternity sessions between 28-32 weeks.

packages start at $550

"The God who made the moon and the stars and the mountains and the oceans, the Creator who did all of those things, believed that you and your baby were meant to be a pair. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be a perfect fit. That doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. It does mean that you need not fear failure because you can’t fail a job you were created to do."

- Rachel Hollis

packages start at $550

session investment

newborn session

Newborn sessions are reserved exclusively for our maternity clients. Newborn sessions include a mix of posed + lifestyle images, and they can be photographed in either your home or our studio.

packages start at $500

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