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did we just become best friends?

We are for the adventurers. For the ones with a fire in their soul. For the couple who loves hiking on Saturday followed by a lazy, lounging in your undies kind of Sunday.

We are the get you half-naked on a mountain top kind of photographers. The ones who take a shot with you at the car before we head off on a 3 mile hike to lord knows where. The ones who convince you to strip down to your undies and run head first into a lake off the side of the trailhead.

We are for couples full of love + trust, because it requires an intense amount of vulnerability to let someone into the sacred space of your relationship. But the result is a gallery full of giggles, adventure, and unforgettable moments. We are for the couples who value the experience as much as they do the gallery.

If you want lovely portraits in a local park to put on your Christmas Card, we have some awesome referrals for you. But if you want to makeout with your hunny under a raging waterfall, or twirl around a field of wildflowers in the mountains, we might be for you.

So if you've got a gut feeling about us, let's do the damn thing.

session investment starts @250

 wa state sales tax is applicable

Payment plan options available upon booking.


"There are all

types of love

in this world

but never the

same love


F. Scott Fitzgerald

a look at couples boudoir 

a look at some of our elopements + weddings:


session investment

cozy couples session

Cozy couples is our casual approach to a couples sessions. We take you on a mini adventure, somewhere a little closer to home - maybe even in your home. We can still doll you up in a fancy dress, or go for a more casual look - the goal is to showcase your style!

We focus on hanging out, capturing you loving on each other, bringing out the giggles, and being silly. 

session investment starts @150

 wa state sales tax is applicable

Payment plan options available upon booking.

07.01.18 MC - 7.jpg

"I choose you.

And I'll choose you

over and over

and over.

Without pause,

without a doubt,

in a heartbeat.

I'll keep

choosing you."

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