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so, we're doing the damn thing.

you booked. now what?

now that we've set a date, it's time to start designing your dream session




you will receive a contract + welcome packet that goes over all of our policies, session prep details + gathers up a lot of your information. this page is an easy place to refer back to for the most of the questions you may have.

still have questions?

reach out to us through the client portal

you can also call, FaceTime, or text us for anything time sensitive

(253) 213 -4664


2-4 weeks prior to the session:

we bring you in for a styling + prep consultation at our studio in downtown Puyallup (or virtually for our long distance clients). these are held on tuesdays.


1 week prior:

we begin assessing light + weather conditions for the day of your session and narrowing down locations.

24 hours prior:

we send out the final time+ location details.

Day of session:

we made it!

10+ days post session:

you come back into our studio for your viewing and ordering appointment. these are held on tuesdays.


2+ weeks post session:

our post-production team in the United Kingdom gets started on handcrafting your heirloom products.

5-7 weeks post session:

your goodies arrive at our studio and we schedule a time for you to come pick them up


we use this time to get to know you, establish a relationship, girl-talk, + eat snacks. we usually have crumbl cookie + mimosas on hand.

come prepared to get nakie in front of us! during your consult you will have access to try on any of the pieces from our client wardrobe boutique. you will need our assistance getting in + out of them.


clients typically choose to rent 3-5 outfits for their session for maximum gallery diversity. we recommend anywhere from 2-6. at your consultation we go over your options + decide on how many changes you're comfortable doing.

our wardrobe boutique consists of high-end lingerie, corsets, robes, dresses, skirts, and accessories. we invest in designer and bespoke pieces to make luxury styling more accessible for our clients. our rentals cover a wide range of budgets, spanning anywhere from $50 to $300. 

if you are considering wearing pieces from outside our wardrobe, please bring them to your consultation to try on in front of us. quality styling is essential to the overall vision and gallery aesthetic, and we are passionate about only photographing work that we 100% stand by.

our studio.

217 n Meridian Puyallup, WA 98371

there is free 2 hour street parking outside the studio as well as a parking lot behind our building

enter the black door in between the chiropractor's office and meridian cafe.  make yourself comfortable in the waiting area to your left at the top of the stairs, and text us when you have arrived.

our studio space is very limited. if you plan on bringing a support person, please notify us ahead of time so we can make seating arrangements. keep in mind our studio is a woman-only space (no men or children). 

session prep


We recommend natural curls, a blowout, waves or loose curls for your hairstyle.


The more body and volume, the better it will photograph.


We want lots of sexy movement, so please stay away from straight hair.


aim for soft, dewy + glowy makeup. don't skip the highlighter + blush!

stay away from high-glam + strip lashes, it will darken your eyes.

stick to a gloss for your lips.


you do not need to hire a MUA!


we recommend staying away from bright colors, and keeping the color of your wardrobe in mind.


when in doubt, you can't go wrong with something nude or neutral.


don't forget those toes either!


try to resist the urge to spray tan. no matter how great your spray tan is, it will photograph textured + tinted (usually green or purple).

if you choose to spray tan anyway, please let us know so we can take precautions to keep our wardrobe safe. + send jules a coffee for all the color correction she will be doing on your skin. we charge to retouch spray tan streaks + blotches. 

that's the disclamier.

where will my session be?

block out your entire day + be prepared to travel anywhere from 1-4 hours away from the Tacoma area.


we do our best to keep your preferences in mind, but location is largely determined by factors out of our control like the time of year, weather, air quality, light, and pass conditions. we don't just choose a location and pray for the best. we study all of the factors to give you the location with the best possible outcome.

the week before your session we begin narrowing down the location options, but as Washington weather is unpredictable, we don't solidify anything until the day before your session. during the days leading up to your session we are diligently watching the doplar, staying up to date on pass closures, ensuring air quality is safe (especially during wildfire season), studying sun maps, and so much more so ensure you have the best chance at a beautiful session + gallery.

the day before your session we make the final call on location + time.

we will text you a direct pin. you can choose to either meet us at the location or meet us locally ahead of time and follow behind. if you choose to meet us there, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. we remain at the pinned location until your session time + then promptly head out as a group to the exact shooting spot. many locations require walking or light hiking, and we often have no cell service, so it is very important to arrive on time or you may not be able to find us. we suggest mapping out your route the night before and allotting extra travel time for any stops or traffic.

if you are interested in carpooling with the other clients scheduled on your night, let us know + we can help facilitate by starting a group chat!

who can i bring to my session?

we encourage you to bring a girlfriend along to be your designated driver. please prep your support person ahead of time that while we always love a hype-woman, it's super important for them to stay behind us and far back enough that we have the space to work. please keep in mind that we do not permit the use of cameras or other devices by support people to capture or record on set.

our boudoir sessions are women-only.  

unless you have booked a couples session, there are no men allowed on set. this is to respect the boundaries and privacy of all women on set. couples are scheduled on separate evenings.

unless you have booked a family session, there are no children allowed on set. we are mamas and we absolutely love children, but our locations are not kid-friendly and have the potential to pose a great danger and risk to your little ones. so please arrange off-site childcare for your session.

what to wear.

on the day of your session, avoid tight pants, tops or socks that will create creases or lines in your skin. choose loose fitting clothing.

we will bring your lingerie pieces to change into on site, and we will collect them back from you at the end of your session.


bring a pair of shoes that can be hiked in, and another pair that can slip on and off easily. slides are perfect! we recommend bringing a robe and a towel.

eat and hydrate.


too often ladies admit they haven't eaten all day for fear of bloating. listen to me now (in my stern mom voice) - EAT. your experience will be 100x more enjoyable if you are not hangry. any bloating you're afraid of will take Jules all of 3 seconds to correct in post-production.

pack snacks + water! we are often a mile away from the car, for your safety you MUST stay hydrated!

safety first.

please, please, please show up to your session sober.


we would love to have fun and shotgun a claw with you, but we cannot do our job properly if you show up impaired.  

help us prioritize safety (and hydration) by saving the party for your session!


& on that note, if you want to drink on set please arrange to carpool or bring a designated driver. 

post production.

10+ days after your session you will come back into our studio for your viewing and ordering appointment. this is when you see your photos for the first time and make your selections.

if you are paid up in full, Jas will start a group text with you and Jules where we can discuss all things post-production. your digital images will be processed within 72 hours and you will receive those via email. this is also when we begin designing your products. if you begin a post-payment plan at your ordering appointment, this process will begin once you are paid off in full.

every month on the 15th our post-production team in England gets started on handcrafting our heirloom products. your products are made using only the finest quality, ethically sourced fabrics. your prints are 


and are put together with expert craftsmanship.


10+ days post session:

you come back into our studio for your viewing and ordering appointment.

2+ weeks post session:

our post-production team in the United Kingdom gets started on handcrafting your heirloom products.

5-7 weeks post session:

your goodies arrive at our studio and we schedule a time for you to come pick them up

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