We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for you! For information on pricing, please fill out our contact form.

Do Jas + Jules always shoot together?

This really depends on the session. During minis, one us shoots while one directs. Local sessions are typically done by Jas. Adventure sessions you will almost always see both of us on site, but we might be taking separate sessions or Jules may be doing video for your session.


How far do you travel for sessions?

We are available for travel worldwide, but most of our adventure sessions take place within 2-4 hours of Tacoma, WA.

Can I pick the location of my session?

Absolutely! We have a list of beautiful, PNW locations that we use, and we encourage you to let us know if you have a preference. If there's a location outside of our norm that you're interested in, let's chat! It just might be on our bucket list. Some sessions dates have pre-determined locations, but we are always open to finding you a date for exploring someplace new.

Can I bring my own wardrobe?

One of the major bonuses we bring to the table, is that we take the guess work out of styling. We have an amazing boutique full of beautiful, high-end pieces. You are welcome to branch outside of our styling services, but we highly recommend following our guidance in order to get photographs that truly reflect our brand and style - after all, that is what you're paying for!

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Do you have recommendations for hair + makeup?

Yes, yes, yesss. These are all details we will go over at your styling consultation, and we work with some pretty incredible (not to mention talented!) ladies who can get you all glammed up. If you prefer to do your hair and makeup yourself, we offer guidance and direction to get the most photographable look possible.

How many poses do I get and do you help me pose?

Our sessions have a fun and playful flow. We don't limit the amount of poses you get or aim to get a specific shot list. This time is about embracing you, and going where the wind takes us. We help guide you through posing along the way, trying to keep things as natural as possible.


How many wardrobe changes do I get?

Adventure sessions allow time for multiple wardrobe changes if you desire, but minis only allow enough time for one outfit. At your styling consultation we go over your options and decide on how many changes you're comfortable doing.


Are there any men involved in the session process?

We are a team of women, for women. So the short and long answer are both, NO! Everyone on our team is a woman, all the vendors we work with are women, and that's just the way we like it.

Can I go topless or nude at my session?

Girl, yes. It is 100% legal (we checked and we double checked), and everything is done very tastefully here at Jas + Jules. 

How populated are the session locations?

This is a tough one to answer. Unless we are shooting in studio, all of our locations are technically public. How populated they get depends on where we are and what time of year. Sometimes we get lucky and we don't see another soul in site. On average, we usually see a few people passing by, but it's very rare that anyone lingers. Most people are very respectful and shuffle along when they realize we are photographing someone. It's been very rare that a location has been hustling and bustling, and when it is, we are usually able to find semi-private spots to keep shooting.


How long should I expect to be at the shoot?

We always recommend showing up at least 15 minutes early. Minis are short and to the point, about ten minutes. Adventure sessions are typically between 45 minutes to an hour. Some locations require a bit more walking than others, so it really all depends. Light also plays a big factor in how long we can shoot. If you're booking an adventure session, we highly recommend clearing your afternoon or evening so we can maximize our time together.

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Do you deliver every image you take?


No, we do not. We eliminate duplicates, test shots, out of focus shoots, shots with bad expressions, and any other images that don't add to the overall story. We produce a beautiful gallery with the best images from your session.

Do you offer retouching?

The short answer is yes! You can read more about our retouching process here.

Will you share my images online?

That decision is 100% yours to make. We don't require a model release, but we do encourage it. Our sessions are an empowering experience about self-love, and sharing your images helps other women see that they can do it, too.

How long until I get my photos back?


Official turnaround times are always stated in your contract - we even ask you to initial them. We know everyone is always super eager to get their photos back, and trust us, we are eager too! We hand-edit every single image to perfection, so we ask you to trust the process and our creative flow.